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Need Spookier Vendor Charms

Hey heroes, this has been on my mind for monthes, seems like years.. just wanted to drop a quick post to see what ideas people can get flowing for the upcoming Charm Vendor additions. (There weren't any this past update.) I know I and many friends have purchased some that we liked (and wear often) but also have saved some tokens away awaiting "scarier" or more "intense" looking charms like the Vendor that used to be in Dustwither years ago. Since then, so many of those items have disappeared and are unobtainable and we are left with these newer fashions that are just safe and easy to please most newer players. What do you all think? I think the cabal charms were on the right path but maybe for Samhain coming up......... add some cooler stuff like they used to do?

Re: Need Spookier Vendor Charms

Froze wrote:Maybe have those old charms appear in Aeon Chests? :twisted:

Na remove aeon from game so they become valuable
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