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Re: Celtic Heroes first birthday celebration!

T1TAN wrote:U all need to STOP being selfish little babies my gosh

1. Just cause u ant buy play that means no one else can?
2. If they buy plat that's there choice give them something for support CH.
3. STOP BEING SELFISH AND CRYING cause u Font wanna buy play but others do....do seriously to bad for u

Ps I nvr bought plat except for hot bars and I'm still fine about this cause it's there choice there life

Couldn't have said it better.
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Re: Celtic Heroes first birthday celebration!

I want birthday box monster that drop boxes with rare items. There can also be some birthday box mallet and a skinny birthday box sword or something like that. I like the transformation necklace thing.
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Re: Celtic Heroes first birthday celebration!

1. One day or one week all the worlds open for everyone, after that time everyone get sended back to their "home world" with the items in the inventory and the items on the bank stay on the bank but accesable from ur home world so it will join ur normal bank.

2. One week (or 2) bosses they dissapear after the birthday and drop as bloodfang does. The lowest ancient silk the second one crystal and the last one diamond. The diamond one must be very hard to kill (as hard as woodcrown?) because its expansive armour. Or they drop items which are ungetable after the patch.(like winterking and icelord)

3. The dubble plat is a great way to make momey for you amd it is a bit unfair for the ppl who dont buy plat (like me) but that is their own problem... The tanks always buy plat for idols and stuff give them a chance to get more idols for less. There will be much players buying plat for 16$ once i think.

Whole different thing: are there coming nee classes? Like a monk, dwarf, elf? Would be cool to see new classes running around!

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Re: Celtic Heroes first birthday celebration!

A little buisness lesson for those that are crying about the double plat idea...

Look at the players that buy the plat as stock holders. The reason why OTM is able to provide us with an ever-improving amazing MMO is because of the people that buy the plat. So if people did not buy plat, this would not be a free game and there would never be any cool updated content.

So in a buisness sense, a double plat idea is an outstanding one. I think the players that pay so WE can play should be rewarded a little and doing a sale on plat is not too much to ask. For the staff of OTM, this is how they provide an income for themselves. A double plat idea would be an excellent source for an increase in revenue for their company.

Disclaimer : I am not one to buy a lot of plat. I might buy 150 plat every once in a while. However, I do benefit from the "high-rollers" that do purchase a lot of plat on my server because I still get to buy plat items for gold. So, I wouldn't benefit directly from a double-plat sale.

HOWEVER, I also think that the people that aren't able to buy plat and people that do buy it should also be rewarded for their loyalty to the game. They should be rewarded with some sort of free in-game item (ie, party hat,etc..) or a chance to get a rare dropped item from a birthday type quest.

Just keep in mind that OTM just launched a huge update. They are also develping more content to give us. So, we need to reasonable in our requests and ideas for a "Birthday Celebration Event". Here are the ideas that I like :

1)Double plat-sale
2) a festive fashion birthday type of hat
3) maybe a short chained type quest that would reward the player with a class specific type of off-hand
4) I think the tavern should be involved in the birthday event in someway
5) double XP for a short time

I also like the idea of magic carpets and killing a dragon in Lairs as the Admin already suggested.
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Re: Celtic Heroes first birthday celebration!

Reason: you don't go around giveing others presents on you birthday other give the presents to you all you do is say let's do this and this and this
The thing admin wants to do is up to him and it could be everyone has to watch a video or we hae to play Celtic baseball it is up to him
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Re: Celtic Heroes first birthday celebration!

Quest line

1 ) Missing Jester
Ask around for tips about the missing Jester. (talk to 3 people in castle) They will direct you to the village.
- Ask a guy in the village. He will tell you he heard weird noises at night and saw a few shadows heading towards the temple.

Head back to castle to claim your reward:
3 cookies
1 piece of cake
5 candy
X amount of xp

2 ) The Jester's grave
The information you collected directs you to the temple. You will hear that someone digged a hole on the graveyard.
- Kill mobs and collect 3 jester items.

3 ) The Unfunny Jester
People are coming from the Inn and they seem shocked. Could you investigate what happened?
- It appears that the Jester showed up near the party at the Inn and tells unfunny jokes.
- Quest update: Kill the Unfunny Jester

Lvl 1 - 10 need to kill the lvl 10 Jester
Lvl 11 - 25 need to kill the lvl 20 Jester
Lvl 26 - 40 need to kill the lvl 45 Jester
Lvl 41 - 60 need to kill the lvl 65 Jester
Lvl 61 - 90 need to kill the lvl 100 Jester
Lvl 91 and up need to kill the lvl 130 Jester

Just quick brainstorm. Same quest possible for everyone to do and probably fun.

Problem = higher lvls attack lower Jesters to make big Jesters spawn.

Maybe change the story that the Jester has been cloned and there are more than just one. wandering next to the Inn?
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Re: Celtic Heroes first birthday celebration!

I don't care what the birthday event is so long as I can participate. That should be good enough for EVERYONE.
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Re: Celtic Heroes first birthday celebration!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY CELTIC HEROES! Thanks for all the hard work Admins. I always wondered about the actual release date just never dug deep to find out true date. Seems I downloaded app 4 days after it launched. Oddly I was thinking, earlier today at work, about leaving a post to say Happy Bday. So i hopped online and low and behold these posts were already up! Once again Happy Birthday and thanks for creating a great socializing tool as well with people from all around the globe. (BTW: This is my first and only MMO)
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Re: Celtic Heroes first birthday celebration!

my idea is going to be somewhat like the Halloween event, but not the exact same. i think that we should have a level 110 boss that drops cool necklaces, the magic carpets, etc.( kinda like dead bones) then we should have a level 115 boss that drops a cool set of birthday armor that is able to be used on all classes. (like the fire titan) but the armor should look like it would be used on all classes, not just a warrior based set. :mrgreen:
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