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Re: Chests

Zyz wrote:If no one bought plat or chests or bought a very minimal amount just to get a few lix, it would give an incentive for the company to change things.

For a year or 2, there have been mass complaints about the chests. But, sure enough, it's not uncommon to read 'I bought chests again and they still suck.'. And they will continue to as long as players keep buying them.

As zyz said, the only way to show we want change is to vote with our wallets. I havnt bought any since the dragons were added and spent several hundred to get one egg. I will not be buying chests or plat until they are changed for the better.

Also, isn’t any iOS app suppose to show odds now of any loot boxes that app sells? Has anyone seen odds yet? I thought this was suppose to be added when new update came out. There have been posts asking and they usually get locked or removed.
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Re: Chests


Chests are a Game of Luck. A week before double platinum I opened 600 and got nothing good. When double platinum started I decided to try my luck again and bought 8 chests just to see how it would go and i ended up winning an egg with only opening 5 out of 8. The drop rate might not makes sense but the eggs are supposed to be a rare drop since it’s only takes 6 to max the dragon. But I am totally not against a little tweaking and fixing done on them. In my opinion they should be taken down once and for all and force players buy the needed elixirs from store. Epona is currently full of knowledge elixirs and they been at 2k each since about 7 months ago and with this rate it will become a 1k item by next year unless people start lixing. Same thing about the idols there is currently too many dropped I have 8k and I will for real never use those.
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Re: Chests

Yea if you buy chests u have to be ready to get garbage. I was having really great luck before double platinum. I tanked on all my double platinum chests I did get a white demon barding, nothing else noteworthy. Opened a lot. The chests are a huge gamble and never have been worth it. Worth buying to sell that's bout it and even then, is it really worth it? Or yeah add a new lux mount to the chests and watch people flip out buying them until they realize they have a better chance of getting struck by lightning than getting the mount. Like the dragon egg scheme. If you are buying chests to pull out one particular item, good luck blowing your money. This game has seen its best days anyway and it's been a lot of fun. What can you do

Re: Chests

Bowz wrote:Lol what new items are these? Chests were fine couple months ago, what’s been added since then? Dragon eggs? I’ve opened 150 chests today I have a total of 20 haste’s and 5 combos those are the only valuable things I’ve got. Joke.

A couple months ago you say? I noticed the same thing with Bouties, I had reported it here and also said it started happening a couple months ago.


Re: Chests

As I always say about chests: it is better to sell and buy what you want. Even if you have to pay 20k for 5 haste. If you can turn a chest into 20k, it's the same as getting a haste crate from every chest you "open."
How many hats?

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