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Re: Please elaborate

Elfylolz wrote:
YourNightmare wrote:Will we see a comeback with Legacy adds?

legacies are in areas with a bunch of other high lol mobs having legacy adds and normal adds would be a huge pain

True but could be all Mordy Pit legacies are taken out and belong to the forgotten 20 bosses list. Why else state that 20 Bosses have not been tested? Fianna Camp has enough space for Legacies and its adds.
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Re: Please elaborate

Beso wrote:
Tadaaah wrote:
xXzeemXx wrote:Oh so you’ve basically shortened the amount of time required for a legacy to be “due” which was an average of 2 weeks. Not its an hour. If that’s true, no one really predict when a boss will spawn and technically, a certian boss could never actually spawn once killed lol.

By the math, there should be bosses spawning every hour. Not every boss, every hour. But some bosses, every hour. Vague and EVIL!!


So it is just gonna be random spawns every hour and not like the last carnage where fixed spawns happened in 4h rotations??

Great... lots of camping
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Re: Please elaborate

YourNightmare wrote:
Tadaaah wrote:
Beso wrote:Then how is it set up nw.....all random spawns?

All the RANDOM!

Can you at least spoil if we will see Legacy Adds coming back hehe

Do you mean the monster that comes with the boss?

I believe it's just the boss.

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