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Re: Best faction

offiues wrote:What's the best faction to join and why is there any real difference?

If you're a tank, side with liches for lux rings (killing reaver). Lich also has ice magic lux. Reaver has fire magic. Overall, unless you're a tank, the lux isn't that great, you're best off going with whichever faction you can get the most on to do weeklys with.
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Re: Best faction

Main difference in lux from fraction shops is that for dps toons:

Reaver is heat damage/fire ability + health/vit stats.

Lich is cold damage/ice ability + energy/focus stats.

If you're not interested in the lux shops it doesn't matter much either way since tier 3 in either fraction allows you to upgrade your EDL Offhand through a weekly boss fight quest.
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Re: Best faction

Agreed my gear now is better than faction gear especially given the fact it seems like the stats on faction gear were pulled out of a hat. Its just a general preference really. I find lich charms better than reavers.
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Re: Best faction

Skerwald wrote:On my server (Herne) literally everyone is lich but maybe 5 people :lol:

Epona is the same. And lucky me. I’m one of those 5
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