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Re: Bloodthorn Raid Reset Changes

xXzeemXx wrote:
Zkills wrote:People ask for a challenge, they most certainly get a challenge, and then complain. Imo, if a clan/server can down a boss a couple days after it’s release then there is no challenge besides getting enough people on for dps. Offtanking adds takes away from the challenge, and the buff to the adds most certainly adds to the challenge without changing the boss itself.

I also see a lot of people complaining about the t8 offhands when there isn’t a single one in existence (I think). You tested them in beta yes, but they could have changed and you never know how effective they are on BT until you legitimately test it out (in live game).

I do think a raid requiring 60 people is ridiculous as my clan alone can only get 30-35 toons on at a time for gele. If the raid will truly require atleast 40 toons with t8 offhands then I don’t see an issue, just means clans have some grinding to do and I have some leveling to do lol.

Lol many t8 offhands exist. Check my other thread. How did people get them? Weekly treasure troves were tradeable. Meaning if u d weekly on 2 toons u can give one chest from one toon to the other and skip a week.
or you can make clannies of lower ranks give to u or kick (which is what I saw happen alot on unnamed servers

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