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New Underwear!

I can’t be the only one who wants different underwear! Aren’t you tired of seeing the same old under garnaments, well I am. I’m bringing this topic up in hopes of Otm creating more underwear or at least new colours. Maybe change it in the barbershop like you do with all other features? Or even it having it’s own underwear shop :p

Otm take this into consideration lol

Re: New Underwear!

Please OTM, bring back the blue undies lol I'm serious. My favorite fashion look of all time on Here is blue dress shoes, and gloves, with a blue Yule hat and armor hidden. I'm actually not kidding, i would be happy if OTM did that.. I don't see why it cant be done considering how easy it'd be.. I hope they see this :)
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Re: New Underwear!

Lith wrote:+1 +1 +1 really want purple underwear or nice flamingos!

:lol: +1
I want some flamingos :3
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