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Re: How many of you do Bounties?

I do them on my alt ranger, im poor and dont wanna spend gold on pet and mount tokens so on my alt im lvling it strictly from bounties, hopefully ill have a lvl 5 mount and pet by next year.

Side note on my main ive ran through the hall otw to sren/troll as well as going to mordy pit for bounties. Think being a lvl 140 running to aggy cave is a lot worse. Die running past the golems before the lava unless i use pots. Then get killed by the dragoncult right where the lava ends and die again after 5 steps when i ressurect. Then get killed by the 4 dragoncult surrounding obelisk spawn. Then get killed by a wyvern. And get killed again after getting up. Finally kill the bounty mob(would be lucky if u didnt grt killed by a wyvern while killing the bounty mob) and afTer u die running to the next dragoncult u need to kill.
My alt is geared well, its not decked out but geared better then a new player at 140 who hasnt ever bought plat so i cant imagine how much harder it is for them to do bounty quest at aggy cave.
And not all quest in the aggy cave are even elites which they should be considering how hard they are. But given the choice id rather have those bounties scrapped than turn it into an elite.

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Re: How many of you do Bounties?

Muldar wrote: I

So basically because of the current level lock system, higher level players are forced to not participate in a part or the game that could benefit them because it would hinder their ability to lock bosses. So the more you want to enjoy the game....the less you can. Doesn’t seem logical.
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Re: How many of you do Bounties?

I stopped doing bounties on my rogue at 220 because of level lock and also on my tank as someone told me it affected aggro to level over 220. I have maxed silver mount and pet on both toons, but those free favors would come in handy to trade in for mount and pet tokens for my other growing alts.

And amen to the person who mentioned the dragon cult bounties. I recall cancelling those unless I was able to dual log :)
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Re: How many of you do Bounties?

God, I hated the Dragoncult bounties. Made a few posts about them in the past ranting on how bad they are.

Those and the crap in Deep Caverns are the worst parts of levelling. I can handle hounds and Terrorsouls just don't make me walk so far and get rekt on the way to my destination.
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Re: How many of you do Bounties?

Robert wrote:I’ve personally only done a couple bounties just to try out what they’re like.

It’s a weird one, because at a level where it becomes more time efficient to do bounties to level rather than mobs it’s also a negative to level as you’ll just increase your level lock % on certain bosses.

I’m sure some people do use them for the rewards like pet tokens though, but I also consider that less time efficient than farming for gold.

When u don't have plat it's a necessary evil to do bounties. I'd rather not but only way or spend 30-50k on tokens which is pretty hard to get that kind of gold below lvl 100.
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Re: How many of you do Bounties?

I'm starting to slow down a bit on bounties, especially now that I've gotta take a hike through Carrowmore to get to a bounty. But I'm still trying my best to get tokens to upgrade my bear to lv5 :P
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