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Re: Is there an ongoing login issue?

Rogue4Life wrote:
Criminal wrote:Could OTM fix it without server reset cus after all thats what the new engine was made for?

Shh only person I know who hates resets, maybe it’s something to do with u unable to play during that time, so your comment is really selfish

Thats such a baseless dumb comment. One of the reasons OTM moved to the new engine they're proud of is not needing to wait for server resets to do stuff, read Aileron posts and see. Resets can be a big waste of time.

Me? I have too much time on my hands, I can be available for a reset around 18 hours of the day, so thats no issue for me. But I see other players who feel too committed to leave us at resets because OTM usually does it at US' night, and then those players feel overloaded, especially when reset is something that can happend more times a week than theres days. I just hate to see players needing to invest so much time for bosses without a break, its a mobile game, I want to do one boss at a time, not 5+ bosses.

Still selfish? People here need to stop making dumb statements and assumptions. Ur only leading things to arguments when u talk without thinking.
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Re: Is there an ongoing login issue?

Sorry I don’t agree, it is quite possible with minimum staff on the weekends to still continue with the games upkeep.
This is not a lack of people it’s closer to a lack of watching what’s going on.
Even if they had just one member of staff in they would have realised that the people couldn’t log in. I tried twitter, Facebook and the forums to raise the alarm about this issue and no one responded.

I don’t have problem with a skeleton crew working on the weekend but today I think they’re was simply no one in the office period.
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Re: Is there an ongoing login issue?

Hey Heroes,

Latest update, login issue should now be resolved! (Phew)
(There may however be a slowdown on login as the server processes the login queue.)

We've made some minor changes to how the server handles data connections and been in contact with our server hosts to resolve the problem.

World servers are now loading back up (may take a few minutes for all to come online)

We will continue to monitor the servers to ensure no further issues and make sure everyone gets in okay.

Thank you once again for your patience! Appreciate your support!
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