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Re: Too Easy to Scam in CH

Everything wrote:
TankingLife Danu wrote:
Everything wrote:^You don't call the police when you loan a "friend" your favourite video game and he never returns it. You gave it to him and trusted him to give it back, but he didn't.

Just a life lesson, that we should learn from..

In the UK you can take somebody (friend or foe) to the small claims court for as little as £10... so
unpaid debt - theft.
Borrowing with intent to keep - theft.

There are laws like that in America, Australia and the Philippines as well (the places im familiar with) but it really just teaches people that when they make a mistake there are little to no consequences.

Added to my comment earlier which you may not have seen, but I totally agree that this all starts with greedy, insensitive people. I've noticed nearly all are under the age of 21 and have no idea about the value of money and how hard people work to earn that in game and real world.

Makes me sick to see people like that.

You are 100% correct and i fully agree.
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Re: Too Easy to Scam in CH

Just a little helpful hint from one Celtic Hero fan to another. Loans even with family carry an inherent risk. If you would like to minimize that risk there are options for you to take. You could try to do a background check by asking others about the player. This is has a major flaw in that true accurate records can not be accessed by players and we never are able to check the true identity of individuals. Knowing this my #1 suggestion for everyone in the Celtic Hero Multi-verse is to only loan out items to friends when those friends can put up collateral for the loan. If they want to test your blood set, ask them for an equivalent value of items to that set. If they do not have the items for collateral then DO NOT loan any gear. This is a simple solution where OTM doesn’t have to get involved or write more code. If someone scams you while you hold collateral, then it can not be considered a total loss because you can sell collateral to recooperate your losses. Play smart not hard.

** if some one gives you 10mil gold worth of items in collateral to test an item 99% you will not be the victim of a scam.

Happy playing heroes!! Hope this helps :)[list=][/list]
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Re: Too Easy to Scam in CH

Zkills wrote:
LadyNymeria wrote:
SPLEND1D wrote:open your eyes and check toon lvl first.

Scammers aren’t just level 1s with fake names. He was a a member of clan for MONTHS. Level 220 and fully geared and trades took place in Arcane after Gele was killed. A lot of scams have happened by people gaining trust and then abusing that trust.

5 months in clan isn’t that long lol. Just shows how far stupidity can really go. Don’t wanna get scammed? Just simply don’t set yourself up for a scam and hold onto your damn items lol. Those items are gone, no point in complaining about it anymore. It’s like listening to a bunch of lvl 50 noobs blaming one another for scamming in the castle.

Seems like this game clearly needs even more safeguards, cause people can’t quite play alone without otm holding their hand. Sure add a lending system, but to me it seems like a waste of time and resources that could be put somewhere else

My rule of thumb is never loan anything you can't live without as far as fame play goes. So while I've never and never will loan out my yellow yule wings, I should be able to loan out my strike skull and storm touch bracer to a clan mate (specially of 5+ months) without worrying if they're suddenly going to leave the clan with it and I'll never get them back.

We all have complaints about the game. Some complain about dragon eggs. Some complain about not enough mid level content. Some complain that casters can't use focus mord spears. Some complain about the lack of commas we used to have in AH. Some complained we didn't have an AH. And etc. Just because I don't feel we needed an AH doesn't mean those complaints aren't legit.
Do I think it's ridiculous that someone can fall for trading items to another player with a similar name and they don't check that players level before finalizing the trade? Yes. But, hey, why not add some safe guards in to ensure it doesn't happen and that players can get their items back and therefore makes doing this type of scamming activity not possible. I think fishing is stupid and a waste of time. But players enjoy it, so good for otm for institutjng something enjoyable for players.

But I get it. You think it's silly and therefore want to insult the people that want this type of change.
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Re: Too Easy to Scam in CH

Hey Heroes,

Just let you know, myself and Morgana will be talking to our Programming Team this week to see what steps we can take to prevent issues like these happening and improve trade security going forward.

We have investigated a number of fake account names today and will be taking action shortly.

As always we remind you to double check all trade details prior to trading, to never loan out items and to never "trust trade".


Re: Too Easy to Scam in CH

Muldar wrote:Hey Heroes,

never loan out items and to never "trust trade".


You should put this in huge big ass bold letters ingame so everyone can clearly see it lol
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