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High Level CH cooks

Appealing to the high level cooks of Celtic Heroes:

What cooking recipes have you guys received so far from the cooking bosses? What items have you cooked? I would love to see pics!

Also is there a spreadsheet or listing of what is available to us from these bosses????

The world wants to know 8-)
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Re: High Level CH cooks

xSum wrote:
Alexxia wrote:Culinary bosses recipes. Anyone?? Pics? Descriptions??

Culinary bosses recipes??? whaaaat :o

I'm near 170 cooking and never heard of it, care to explain what bosses drop recipes?

There are 5* cooking bosses in eg maps. They drop rate recipes. Bitey's website has a list of all boss locations and all ecipes and all cooking ingredients and products.
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Re: High Level CH cooks

So far I have recieved the recipe caviar. My favorite thing I have cooked is a chocolate mordris +1500 to treasure hunter
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