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The hat

Isnt everyone supposed to get a free hat from the special offers tab now? Its showing up for my other accounts but not main and someone other than myself has had the same issue.

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Re: The hat

Plenty of UK players are having this issue :-(
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Re: The hat

I am too. Tried different devices and ip addresses too to see if that was the problem. But only the first acc I logged after it became active got the offer. Subsequent logins on different accounts just get the chest offer.
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Re: The hat

I didn’t get the offer on my main either ....got on all Alts.
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Re: The hat

Tadaaah wrote:We've already located the issue. Currently looking for solutions to take care of everyone. Thank you for your reports and patience.

Good to know, looking forward to the reset. Please clarify. Is this one per account (and you will make tradable), or is this one per toon? I have 17 toons on three accounts. I got one each on two accounts, but none on my main (original) account. Should I be getting 3 or 17 tradable hats?

[suggested solution, send me one egg and forget the hats; 3600 chests=zero eggs. Will never forget.]


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