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Looking for raffle ideas

I am looking for ideas on how to best raffle off all of my in game possessions. I have made the hard decision to move on from CH and I would like to host a fun Christmas event on my server giving litterally everything I own away. I’ll even turn in all mounts and pets for tokens to give away. I’ve never been a rich player but what little I have could cheer up the server a bit. Its mostly lux sets, vendor gear, a few mounts, fashion sets, etc..
My first idea was to create a registry thread here on the forums and the first 100 people on my server to sign up would be entered. Each person would be given a number 1-100. I would roll the dice at the bank on a certain date and time and whoevers number came up would win something. They’d have to be present in order to receive whatever it was. I’m not sure I feel like mailing stuff.

My second idea was to hold a contest of some sort on the server forum and winner takes all for their clan.

I am open to suggestions. Any help is appreciated. Thanks in advance.
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Re: Looking for raffle ideas

I've seen some do question and answer stuff, which can be fun, depending on the types of questions. One guy did friend like questions, so unless you knew him,p well you didn't win.

Others do random dicing, "closest to roll whatever I roll wins" or closest to a certain number etc.

Could just pick a time and date, meet in tavern and dice a bunch.

Re: Looking for raffle ideas

Could post a question here and have everyonail you an answer, guess, number, whatever in mail subject and reply with items as you see fit. Takes out the chaos. Not so fun tho. Maybe film it and YouTube?
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