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Re: New Player - Server Question

Arawn And Epona are very active servers. Epona is a free server, which means you do not need to be in a certain clan to get drops from a boss, and the auction house is thriving.

Arawn, you do need to be in one of two clans to get gear up to dl, Res/Braves or DragonSouls unless you have a lot of spare gold to buy from those who sell. If you consider Arawn, Braves would be a good fit if bossing if what you enjoy most in the game, and your goal is to fight the highest bosses and have the best gear. Send a message to LoneHawk about joining.

If you are more interested in a casual play style clan with focus on community first, you’re welcome to try DragonSouls.

Message me in game if you’re trying out Arawn, happy to help with quests and etc. :)
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Re: New Player - Server Question

Fingal is another thriving server. There are many clans to choose from, from endgame clans to beginner. I am in Elite Sentinels. It is a lot like the way LivingArawn described DragonSouls.

I also play on Crom. It is much less populated. I have a small clan there, too, called Sentinels of Crom. I see the attraction to being on very busy servers and on less crowded ones, both. The underpopulated servers are more of a struggle, but each little victory seems like a bigger deal there because it can be harder to accomplish.
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Re: New Player - Server Question

I've been trying some servers, mainly looking for new players to level up / do low level bosses and all that stuff, I enjoy playing druid so as a new player soloing bosses with that class is not really easy.

Well, I haven't been lucky, higher levels seem to completely ignore me whenever I approach them for help (NOT begging for money), and the few low levels I've found seem to be alt accounts, needless to say they would rather not group with a new player.

I'm going to try that social server you guys mentioned, not really having fun right now :l

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