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Something has to be done

Sulis has always been a competition driven server and I like that. It's what keeps the game fun and interesting. There was always this challenge to become better than the other clan. Retribution and Soldiersofjah have been around for years and have been fighting each other for the most time but when does competition stop being healthy? For me it stops when players cheat to get what they want.

I can already imagine those raging 'adults' saying that we (Soldiersofjah) are just salty for losing so many players in such a short time. However, this time it is not only Jah complaining about this topic. Basically everyone who isn't in 1337 and cares just a little about EG is annoyed.

I wonder how long it takes now for them to start calling me a pathetic honorless dog or worse. (Oh please be original this time. Make me laugh!)


Oh and of course this doesn't apply to everyone in 1337.

Let me start off by saying that they are using some kind of cheat engine. How do I know this? Have a look at this:


You see that little blue gear on the left? It works miracles! Wonder how I got it? The owner of the account sent it into our clan's Line chat by himself.

So what exactly does it do?

1) It increases their walking speed. Everyone on the server agrees on the point that they are literally flying at an incredible high speed through the world. Even their clan members admit it. Where is the proof?

Of course it could be lag, but come on you don't believe that one either, do you? When we told OTM about this they did nothing about it and said we needed proof. How are you supposed to get a video of them speeding when they only appear on the screen for a second? But maybe this is more convincing:


2) Find your way into groups without an invitation. It sounds crazy, doesn't it? But look at this:


Black did not send an invite to red and blue yet somehow they still joined the group without being invited by black.


I am seriously disappointed that after several reports nothing has happened yet when they clearly hack. They even are admitting to using cheats outside of the game. At this point it's just frustrating so Retribution and Soldiersofjah (We make up 2/3 of the active EG players) have agreed to stop buying plat until they are banned. Nonetheless we will keep posting about this on forums, twitter, facebook and Apple- and PlayStore reviews.

To the normal 1337 players:
Good job on effectively gearing cheaters.

To the people who still suck on their thumbs:
Come and give me your best excuses. The next day you will just admit to cheating again.

Yours sincerely,

Re: Something has to be done

As a player since Yule 2013, i support this post

Vini, Vidi, Vici (I came, I saw, I conquered) - Julius Caesar
An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth, and evil for evil - Rei Ogami

Re: Something has to be done

Anyone caught cheating using the speed hack should be permanently banned without chance of appeal

There are two types of people in this world: Those who crave closure

A business is more profitable if they don't gouge and piss off customers.

Re: Something has to be done

This is completely true, knowing how petty they are they'll end up coming to defend their reputation denying all claims made when we've all seen them using their cheats. Many people have sent OTM and support messages regarding the issues but they choose to ignore it. STEP UP your game because this tyranical clan needs to be put down. The most recent time I witnessed them doing this was yesterday at Mordris. Some of their clan members speed hacked to mord and denied it all claiming "they had a video of them all together". IF THIS IS TRUE then wheres the video? Hah
P.S. @Muldar Sending support tickets doesnt help so dont even try suggesting that please

Re: Something has to be done

Yeah OTM must ban them. They are ruining the game and ruining the fun for the players.
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Re: Something has to be done


Actions need to be taken against these players. As it continues to just ruin the others gaming experience when they can't beat a hack that makes them guaranteed victory. Can't even beat them to a boss with the best mounts ingame to compete, if they choose to do the speed hack.

Re: Something has to be done

Agree with the above posts. I have been playing since 2012 and have spent several $k on this game over the years and I refuse to buy any more plat as long as OTM continues to ignore and allow this to continue. Sulis has been an excellent server for competition and should speak volumes when two seriously rival clans both agree and side together regarding this issue, even working together.

Several EG players have seriously considered leaving the game because of this. Will OTM listen?

Re: Something has to be done

I'm surprised with the structure of the games client-server packet handling that stuff like this is even possible.

PM me and I will do my best to help you with whatever you need.

Re: Something has to be done

Honestly otm.. We are just trying to play a fair game and win. We have been growing for 7 years!!! We care about our clans and are attached to them.. Ret and jah have been the most healthy comp there is until 1337 decides to start speed hacking. again it's not all of 1337 don't get me wrong.. I have some good friends in there. But please otm please I'm begging fix this dam problem because it's ruining the competition!! Thanks I'll let y'all handle this i believe in otm's work and I know they are great people.

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