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Re: So many stolen names on new server ugh

Bash wrote:
Legislative wrote:
Bake wrote:
I'm playing devil's advocate here - What types of things can a toon scam on a brand new server? I wouldn't expect, at this point, there has been too much valuable inventory purchased. Do you just mean the reputation that comes with the toon's name?

Not questioning what you are saying, just asking for a bit of clarification on how a player could scam on a server that is less that 24 hours old. Perhaps I am just naive.

well lets say their gonna continue on the server... and i hate sayin it but my names well known cuz of youtube ( it sounds so arrogant lmao) .
i had multiple cases where friends / subs have been scammed in my name. im jst so sick of it :/

Your name is Executive. Nobody stole "your" name to try and pretend to be you they took the name because its a real word. If your character was named dragonsleyer25912 nobody would have stolen "your" name.

yeah, no. ive had multiple cases where people would pick my name and try to scam/ and actually did scam in my name..
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