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Re: Come tooooo Mabon

If i dropped a lollypop on the floor of the candy shop and started crying, would i be given a new one for free?

Are the toilets cleaned daily?

I dont plan on coming to mabon, but a question some people might want to know is what is getting mid level gear like warden through frozen like. I know there are some servers were a few high level players still dont have the full set
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Re: Come tooooo Mabon

They're very friendly to people who have server transfered and just attack someone in arena from either wolfgang or insanity and yiu miht get your arena battle right there. All frozen is naturally hard for rogues but insanity has a low level requirement and theyncan easily help you out I suppose. Lix prices be like....expensive af and not sold much xD. Ut go there anyways I suppose....so many alreadynare for some reason (idk why...)
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