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Re: There is someone on Donn..

Dovakin707 wrote:
MrScar wrote:Someone on Donn level 1 druid is named MrScar 230. Dont trust him. That is not me. I hope OTM can bann this account as its obviously been made to scam. If you wont bann it please make "it" change name. I dont want any filth on my rep.

Proof: https://youtu.be/s0lq4cqiGhs

Lol u dont want filth on ur alrdy rep of being a scammer robbing banks destroying clans and harrassing ppl daily? How does that work?

This isn't the place for this take it to pm or cut it out

Re: There is someone on Donn..

Jakecelticmaster wrote:That happen to me my names dopebucket and one day im checking the ah and see the name dopebuckets shop.. ?? Like cmon

I've been scammed by one of these impersonators on belenus. I personally check the names and levels twice now as it seems to be growing into a scamming trend lately

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