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Re: Whether the weather be fair, or whether the weather be not...

It could synced to the time zone that the majority of players on a server play from, changing from light to dark as the sun rises and sets. Or, it could be synced to each individual account, to their timezone, sun, ect.

I believe something like this was mentioned above, but instead of have a day long day time it could be shorter then a day. Say 12 hrs for a day and night cycle, allowing for two cycles of the day and night cycle per day. That way everyone has a equal oppurtunity to see the night and day at work.
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Re: Whether the weather be fair, or whether the weather be not...

Could use in game clock as well if they were to do a 24 hour format. But a 12 hour format would be much better. Would be interesting to see when/if something like this would be implemented.
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