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Re: Otms "surprise" conspiracy thread!

Aileron wrote:
AoifaS wrote: I agree with pimbsa, one bank across all toons. .

There aren't very many players with multiple toons in one account. A bank shared within an account is a wasted effort.
But if you mean a bank shared across several accounts, I doubt that would happen. OTM has no way to "link" accounts together. A clan bank would likely happen first.

I meant the former. And most everyone I know was a newb when making alts and isn't serious enough to make new ones to level to end game. Dare I say, three quarters or more of all players would benefit from a shared bank between toons or more. Just not you dual-boxing end hame players.
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Re: Otms "surprise" conspiracy thread!

I know this wont be the surprise but a clan house/hall would be awesome, this could be where there is a clan bank kept and there could be beds, a bar etc which all offer temporary boosts e.g. if you sleep on your toon you receive an energy increase for 30 mins or from different foods and drinks at the bar you get a health boost. As long as it has some elements that will make it worth visiting.
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Re: Otms "surprise" conspiracy thread!

Mordsith wrote:
Aileron wrote: There aren't very many players with multiple toons in one account.

For those of us that weren't smart enough to realize that it is much better to have toons on different accounts, I wish they would allow us to send one or more toons to a different account.

I'm one of those who thought Extra Character Slots would be a good use of Plat, and subsequently put all my toons on one account. They are high enough level such that I don't want to start over in each class. It would be really cool if splitting multiple toon accounts was given some serious consideration. There may not be many players with multiple toons in one account, but "we" are out there...

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