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Re: Maximum DPS pet: Wolf pet vs Spider pet

I find the spider maxes my dps more since I am mostly a dex build and the spider contains dex making it a good combo however it isn't maxed but I am getting there as I saw some of my stats and attack go up a bit plus having a poison attack skill
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Re: Maximum DPS pet: Wolf pet vs Spider pet

The Boar is best dps pet.


Depends on a few things. One, u need to be a red 6 wolf. This is must have to get most out of it coz how dots work. If you're the only red6 on a raid, along with slash lure(a non existent lure in my server) it will do most dps over time. If there are other red6 lapping u, its just like how rondels are. U can get 0-?? dmg off tics while getting only impact dmg. At 1600 ability, the red6 does 1kish dmg n 700-800 tic. I went for white 6 coz its the most beautiful pet ever made so I didn't get all tics when a black or reds there.

Now, spider on the other hand. Poison dmg, lure independent. It will do more impact dmg than rake at same ability. I personally am using a yellow 6. On bosses that are weak poison, it's gg vs wolf. In fact it outdps certain skills over a raid on some bosses. On edls, and Tower raid bosses, poison although resisted its not that bad. X/2-X/4 usually. Idk about u but I don't want to depend on a mage to add a useless lure and other overriders to maximize my dps.

So unless ur the only red6, (with a slash lure, not necessarily) a spider will do more dps. Except on necro. Stats is same on both u exchange dex for str and vice versa. That isn't a factor at all. Its all about the skill.

This is for pure bossing dps btw, on lixing wolf is better dps, obviously.
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Re: Maximum DPS pet: Wolf pet vs Spider pet

I agree with this, the spider skill seems a little better overall. I topped off wolf because I already had too many tokens invested in it. No way I would take a 16 token loss (or more) to go from wolf to spider.

If I was starting from scratch I would pick spider tho
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Re: Maximum DPS pet: Wolf pet vs Spider pet

Skill-wise, the dog is the best DPS pet.

Stat-wise, the wolf and spider are equal, just go for whichever matches your build.

I am still unsure whether or not the skill of the dog makes up for the stat of the wolf or spider. For my build it certainly does because I need the health, but I haven't got around to fully testing it.

PM me and I will do my best to help you with whatever you need.

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