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Re: Anyone get any plat or tokens from fishing yet?

Yeah. Fishing needs tons and tons of revamping. We should be getting super/heroic lixs from it, combos knows etc. and what's with this no trade bovine excrement? We need fishing to be a secondary content. If someone is going to spend their time somewhere to get gold while they go semi afk, they would rather go to castle. It's cheaper and has a larger chance of rewarding decent items

Re: Anyone get any plat or tokens from fishing yet?

Been fishing a ton, No plat, not Pet tokens, No mount tokens.
I opened 17 Sunken Lockboxes after a few hours this is the rewards
3 1000 gold, 3 100 gold, 2 Restoration potions, 2 resurrection idols, 1 Super Elixer of Regen, 2 Super Elixer of Maximum Energy, 1 Super Elixer of Maximum Health, 1 Super Elixer of Haste, 1 super elixer of attack and 1 super elixer of defence. I have found that Crumbling items also seem location specific? Obviously cant confirm this, but I got 2 crumbled swords at The Pier besides grizzly mcadams, 2 crumbling effigys at the beach besides grizzly mcadams and 2 crumbling urns at the beginning pier. But all of that fishing and not one token or plat, I did get 12 rings, 2 useful the rest are lesser rings and clams, but the sell off isn't worth it. Was hoping for tokens more than anything.

Re: Anyone get any plat or tokens from fishing yet?

why should you fish?
Gold? Nah you'll have 10x more gold farming

Gear? Seeing pet token drop rate you'd again have better luck farming boggans and paying plat buyers

Recipe/cooking ?Sure

But no ones going to leave horizontal content such as snorri camps every 1:50 to partake in fishing... Why is 2014 content still relevant in almost 2017? And why is 2017 content appalled by players? DL weps although mucch like fishing take time, atleast have some return on lol.. DL weps necessary for all chaos bosses in game.. Idk what you can do with a resto after fishing 5 hours when u cud make 1000's by doing boggans

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