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Re: Legacy Mount Vendor?

+10^303 to everyone who disagrees. Enough "legacy"! We need some recycled models and stats, but NOT the exact same things. Freeze, +999 10^(10^100) evasions, sleds, etc... All would be good unless legacy mounts were introduced (or should I say reintroduced?) to the game. +3 to Plus3's post above. Plain mounts would work well too.

Same thing for fash. Everyone knows fashion is useless in terms of stats. It's cosmetic. It's useless. Need I repeat that one more time? If players want old fash, don't give them exactly what they want. Instead, just recycle old parts of old fash pieces (I liked the shoulder plates on Yule 2014 tops) and make new sets with those. Should last a few events before you have to brainstorm new fash, giving more time for other content. It's a win-win situation; OTM get a bit (a lot) more time to design new events and content except fash, and players will be satisfied with the half-new fash.
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