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Re: Best amulet for tanks

Last event lux ammy is what I use, the shine stone ammy of poacher. The 1000 health 150 armor and 200 vit are all very useful for end game tanking though the skill with defense is only so so.

The event warrior ammy is good, I have the godly. However it is much better for dps than tanking.
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Re: Best amulet for tanks

Wolfenstien wrote:
Aileron wrote:http://www.celticheroes.net/itemdb/item.php?id=58564

That's what I use

This in your opinion because I assume you have both, is better than stargem vit?

It's not even a hard choice. 200 vit is the same but you get 1000 hp, 30 armor and lose 200 def by switching from a stargem frostgiant neck.

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