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Re: sharing accounts

friddoo wrote:
Muldar wrote:My advice would be not to.

It creates a security risk and all actions logged on the account would look like they were conducted by yourself.

Best to keep your account details to yourself.

Security risk? Where is the risk? If for example my little brother scammed my account I would just go upstairs punch him and take his device.

I always felt the account sharing rule is pretty bs, if people want to share and take the risk of being scammed it should be an option, we haven't banned trades between toons because of the rates of scamming during trades have we?

Lol this made my day
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Re: sharing accounts

I too think the rule is pointless. In most games Ive seen it was same method towards account sharing, u shared, u got scammed, ur fault and thats it. I obviously rather have my toon untouched by anyone, but I dont think it should be against the rules, some ppl like to play together and some ppl gift their toons to someone else, even tho our accounts are OTM's property, can u really tell someone who wants to give his toon to his friend not to do it if he quit? Or is it because u would rather someone to start from zero to go too over the horrible grind that will generate more income for u?

At least between family members I think its stupid, and I dont think family members are that cruel to each other, we have one brother in our clan and one brother in rival clan and I know neither even get close to each other's device for sake of fairness, we had another brother-brother case between clans and we have someone in clan whom is a son of someone in rival clan and neither takes advantage of that.
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Re: sharing accounts

Plus3 wrote:
farook wrote:Can a player shares his account with his family?

Pretty sure you can't even log your own toons if you have dissociative identity disorder. The tos says no if you want to be picky.

This made me laugh
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