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Looking for a new world

Hey everyone! It's been over a year since I played this game, and I was considering creating a new character. So I was wondering, as a non-plat buyer, which world would be good to play on? I'd definitely like it to be one of those worlds where it isn't too difficult to really get into a clan and start helping out.
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Re: Looking for a new world

Rosmerta is open to you :)

We can get you started up and later on you can join Forever. Pretty sure our Chief DrGreen still provides for new players.

If you decide to come just mail DrGreenThumb, Taalia, Rozi, or myself Everything and we'll get you sorted.

Hope to see you!
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Re: Looking for a new world

It really depends on whether you're okay with rolling dice for boss drops if you'd like epona. That said, epona has a friendly player base, no fear of being ksed, co operation between the clans and even clanless people and freedom to buy and sell anything. (Pm me if you're going to start here :))

If you like competition and lock battles though, I'd suggest gwydion (from what I've heard).
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