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Aeon of Taranis -- Gelebron? Check!

The process was long: We began trials in January, studying the mechanics and devising strategies. We had three large-scale attempts that ultimately failed (80%, 50%, and 20% remaining), but those losses only encouraged us. Clannies pushed hard to make it to 215+, ring bosses were slaughtered day and night, runes piled up, Proteus could hardly stand straight, through outstanding organization and immense effort from the clan we finally reached this epitomal achievement.

Congratulations my brothers, we have worked tirelessly for months seeking today, and have at last been rewarded.

The 20th of August, 2016, marks Taranis' first Gelebron kill by an individual clan.

To Aeon!
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Re: Aeon of Taranis -- Gelebron? Check!

Rogue4Life wrote:
Perky wrote:Well done guys. Any luck on drops?

Nothing really good , an 11+ fb and light heal , and a Royal brace of ingenuity (250 cold damage,8+ poison wep ,8+ smoke bomb)- which i love great for dps rogues

Yea like everyone else on their first kill, I was hoping for a godly/void

Thats not too bad.. Mage rings are insane good, really love them. That brace sounds good as well. Next one will get you guys a wep!
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