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Re: Weekend Mini Event - Boss Spawn Weekend!

Muldar wrote:Hey Heroes,

Time for a weekend mini event!


From the 12th to the 15th of August Mordris, Aggragoth, Necromancer, Hrungnir, Proteus and now Gelebron will have greatly reduced spawn timers!

Spawning 3 times faster! Time to kill some bosses!

Servers restart at 12 noon on Friday.

Is this noon gmt time?
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Re: Weekend Mini Event - Boss Spawn Weekend!

Aileron wrote:
So basically all feedback regarding 3x the camping and 3x the plat usage for 3x the garbage drops is essentially thrown out the window. But hey what else is new?

I think it is as easy to change the variable spawn window to a fixed window as it was as easy to change the respawn to 1/3 its value. It's just a table update and no programming needed.

If OTM wants players to spend more plat items, this isn't the way.

As I said due to Designs current workload with the Summer release we have went with the easier option of just one third spawn times.

This is not to say we will not do fixed spawn timers in the future but we wished to run a mini event that all could participate in equally, that could be implemented easily by just one staff member easily or by myself.

This is not a scheme to make players spend plat, just some community fun.

Criminal wrote:Does it mean prot base will drop pureness?

Goes live in the next update, requires further scripts for it to be active.

SeeBass wrote:will there be a secret patch along with this event?

*Removed Muldar from Lirs Reach, again.

Re: Weekend Mini Event - Boss Spawn Weekend!

It takes more than one member of the staff to change the spawn timer of bosses? :lol: I really find that hard to believe.

Someone already went thru them all and changed their spawn windows and reduced it by 2/3. All they gotta do is go back and change the minimum and maximum spawn time and reduce the range. :roll:

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