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Re: Happy Birthday Celtic Heroes!!

Where's that from? I took my ss from US App Store so if it was released in the US June 14 just before midnight, then it woudl've been June 15 somewhere else already.

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Re: Happy Birthday Celtic Heroes!!

Esquilax wrote:Yay! Times flies when you are having fun!

Happy Birthday Celtic Heroes 8-)

Hmm...that explains why its been a long five years....

Nah just kiddin. Happy birthday CH!!!
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Re: Happy Birthday Celtic Heroes!!

Happy birthday to the best free 3D MMO RPG on the AppStore.

No SpaceTime studios game, Order and Chaos, Graal, or laggy Japanese MMO can compare to this now. I've played those all and they have their flaws like Celtic Heroes does, but are all missing something.

All SpaceTime games are played in a dungeon like environment. Although it can be fun, gets boring way too quickly. Still can never forget the perfect auction house they have. Cough.

You will get lost among the crowds in Order and Chaos, but it's the more beautiful of all the MMOs. I personally never liked their recent freemium model, and many other small things. Game was also really laggy with way too many people.

Graal was a more of a socializing type game, marriage, houses, killing players, stats, holding forts for pixelated hat rewards, mounts, more hats, top it off it was 2D, gets boring way too quickly as well.

Celtic heroes makes you feel unique, has one of the best and friendlier community out of the lot, ( well SpaceTime studios implement player feedback way faster ) small server sizes make for great tight knit bonding. People get to know who you are here. The bosses and leveling can be fun. You don't need to buy plat if you play it smart with farming and merching.

This game has a lot to look forward to, but also requires various fixes and implementations. Auction house, class balance are still glaring problems. Boss loot has been an issue for so long as well. Rare drops can be non-existent and lower tier drops can be way too common. Fix those and this game can seriously compete with desktop MMOs.

Once this game advertises on YouTube, on other iOS games, gets more employees, this can become a start for something great: Mobile MMO = Desktop MMO.
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