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Re: Buying Platinum online?

clancyt wrote:My mom will probably let me, she'll make a deal out of it. And she would go for the rent idea. The only reason I'm not in a college dorm this coming year is because I'll be doing housework for her. Getting a friends device is a good idea though, thanks.

You're welcome :)

And damn, college and your parents are still THAT strict? That's like how my parents had been :lol:
Would you kindly?


Re: Buying Platinum online?

PlzGHM wrote:
Appfan3 wrote:Thhere is always a way... take your moms crdit card and use all the money. I did it once and she dident noticed.

I'm dying


Parents normally try to hide their kids from certain problems.
Emptying a credit card mean massive interest and in worst case, economic ruin (foreclosure etc)

Don't use your parents credit card unless you've been given permission.

- It's never to late to undo wrong decisions. The players should be compensated for losing premium paid items due to in game bugs.
- I pledge to never buy any platinum for as long as the Hoax continues

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