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Hey everyone, this is a Thread to see how long some of us Forumers have been playing the game, what we miss, the additions we've loved, and any of your cool past experiences.

Additionally, I'd like to ask what OTM's Vision for the game originally was, how/if it changed along the way, and what it is for the future.

I've been around since Beltane 2013. My younger brother had introduced me to the game that summer and I was hooked ever since. I've taken a few breaks though (the longest being over a year) but have always come back. What I miss is the "Old Days" when I would run around taking pictures of myself sticking out of Stonefang's butt- the days when people actually used to sit in the Tavern for little meetings or just to goof around. Players seems to have lost that sense of enjoyment..Anyway, I love all the additions/updates of Areas, especially Stonevale and Heroes Landing. They both look great.

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Re: Tenure

I have also been playing CH since Beltane 2013 (ah the good ol' days) I found it on the play store by chance and was hooked since. I started out as a ranger bout didn't enjoy it, so after reaching level 67 I quit. I then came back 2 months later and started a mage. Again was hooked and played till 146 and stopped in samhain 2015 (got bored) quit for 4 months and am back again! I still love this game and don't think I will ever completely quit! :D thank you to OTM for making this epic game!
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Re: Tenure

Started back in 2011 but like I do now I just made alts I never levelled high for a very long time and then I got focused onto doing a good rogue character which is now my lv216 main, been on Epona since 2011 and have no reason to ever leave there. Love the good old days of 2011 and 2012 but I took a long break over 2012-2013 coming back as 2014 approached and I've just always been too hooked and come back to the game, alts just aren't my thing so guess I better make my main the best X)

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Re: Tenure

I started back in Yule 2011 and my most favorite thing/what I miss the most would either have to be double gold weekend (mobs dropped double gold) or the 2014 Beltane bosses, galar, kron, etc... I also do miss some of my old friends that quit the game a couple years ago /:

Re: Tenure

It may have been 2011 when I originally started, I honestly forget. One thing I miss are the seasonal/event vendors that sold charms and such. These days everything seems crammed into random plat chests only. I really enjoyed being able to go a vendor and buy the exact charm I wanted.
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Re: Tenure

Downloaded app by Samhain 2011, but didn't play seriously until Samhain 2012. Have had breaks due to school/work.

Missing pumpkin head men, Samhain Flying Witches, old friends that had quit or taking breaks. I also miss seeing Shivercowl at Death Caress, Ironspike

I kinda predicted Sewers introduction, the smugglers, etc. from playing Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance; also, I always wondered what Fingal's Cave would look like from the Lore and that blocked entrance at Shalemon Ravine.
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Re: Tenure

Arjunlite wrote:Use the search bar next time, plenty of topics like this have already been made.

I was gonna say that before I posted but I decided to just go with the flow lol
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Re: Tenure

I'm still a noob, Ostara 2015 was when i joined. Since then, i've only quit once, because exams and stuffs. I found the game during yule 2014 but i couldn't dowload because i had a crap tablet. And i really wanted to see that event.
I love finding out how long people have played! Because they always tell about the good ol' times. Which i misssd :cry:
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I quit, again, no one enjoys the game anymore bc yall complain too much, the whole thing is revolving around bosses and selfish dom clans.
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Re: Tenure

July 2011 -- I loved the difficult Catacomb bosses (at the time): real sense of achievement when you killed one! People were nice too, no scammers, not many arguments, tight-knit, active clan. Not much greed either, which seems to have done a U-turn! Proud of my black party hat from 2012, but am not on iOS anymore and I want to get it into Android! :( Also can't access iOS from an Android device but would like to revisit Lugh.

I'm a very casual player, only really logging in to do bounties now (I do like that addition!). I used to play for hours in my younger years (heh), but it's dwindled as my IRL workload increases.

The graphics have definitely improved which I like now I have a device that doesn't lag. Developers seem much more integrated with the community, too. I've always liked the forums too :D

Improve? I always bash on about horizontal content, auction house, and cross-platform play (accessing iOS on Android). :)

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