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Re: Mount drop rate

About 200 chests into this event and no mount yet, opened ALOT throughout all events and only got a 90/30 Beltane glider up until now

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Re: Mount drop rate

GhostlyBlaze15 wrote:Honestly it isn't worth trying to get a mount through chests. Just buy one for 200k+

Unless you buy a chest for 15k and get a 90+ mount ;)
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Re: Mount drop rate

First chest from this event got revered piggy mount 95 speed, 50/ 50 regen and gore. Had a few from other event chests as well
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Re: Mount drop rate

I've averaged it up before (over several past events) and the drop rate for mounts is about 1/750 in chests. That means you have roughly a 70% chance at 1+ if you open 750. It's still not uncommon with those odds to open 2000 and get zero.
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