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Re: New Mounts? Love?

Smellyunder wrote:Is boar considered a species of pig? If so riding boar may be offensive to some religion.

They're in the same family, like Lions and Tigers, and they can breed together so..Idk. People can get offended with anything, they'll always find something lol.

There's already alot of stuff in the game that people could get offended about but thankfully haven't due to it being a game and meant to be fun :)
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Re: New Mounts? Love?

Muldar wrote:
Romeo wrote:So what about the horse mounts? Will we not be able to get these anymore except off other players?

We may bring horses back in future events but for Spring we decided to go with Boars :)

Why don't u put all the previous animal mounts for sale at an NPC and just have the new ones in the chests? It's a little silly that we can only buy these things from chests but if I was to start playing CH now and seen these cool horse mounts then I couldn't buy one unless it's from a player and if no ones selling a horse mount then I'm stuffed, won't be able to get one :( doesn't really look good if a new player asked how they can buy one and they get told 'oh well u can't these are from 4 months ago they don't sell them no more, then next even will come and new players will ask where they can get a boar mount and they'll get told ' oh well u can't there 4 months....blah blah'

Re: New Mounts? Love?

You can buy nearly as good a mount in the shop as you can from chests. Past level 130 even mages and Druids should be getting off their mounts for anything serious - they don't add much benefit over easier/cheaper alternatives.

Paying for a premium fashion item through chests is what makes this game great. Some games make you buy end game drops randomly, that's why I play ch instead.
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