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Mordris's Gift

Today on Fingal, mordris dropped two BANDAGE WOUNDS braces. A sweet Imperial and a mighty. We are relying less n less on druids(zyz) atm as tanks themselves can use this to heal, aka self healing meatshields
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Re: Mordris's Gift

Its such an honour to be just on the same server as this blessed gift from Mordris
Let us pray to the gods that fingal will once again be blessed
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Re: Mordris's Gift

Muldar it was a very sarcastic post... Bandage wounds bracelets are some of the worst possible drops
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Re: Mordris's Gift

No way, personally I think they should be given to the Druids & just drop natures touch all together
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Re: Mordris's Gift

saladin7 wrote:
LeGenDzZ wrote:Nice guys but no one cares, not even OTM -> see ranged combat gear from Gele

Ranged gear is op, 99% endgame rangers are dex and skill based ones with Longshot and sharpshot, so makes sense man.

He said ranged combat..like the ability dude.....and we refer to those two skills as longshot and sharpshot.
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