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Re: Which Godly Quickstrike ring would you use?

Obvious answer is 1 but only for quickstrike damage. It really depends on your build and what you are doing. The osan and proteus ring can be better depending on total build. In general though the direct add items are best since the other stats have low returns going from high to slightly higher.
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Re: Which Godly Quickstrike ring would you use?

When rogues get the new gloves they will want points to get 50 Qs. I would prob use the prot ring and the new gloves. I wouldn't take off a necro dagger ring for it otherwise.

If the point of this thread is to point out that silverweb rings are still on par with if not better then current e.g. loot then I completely agree. It's even more unballanced with druid rings.
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Re: Which Godly Quickstrike ring would you use?

Option One is the best for QS dmg ..but the third option isn't bad. However I have yet to understand why otm puts Dex boosts on Strength based skills and vice versa..
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