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Re: Views on 1 Clan Servers [DEBATE]

I joined Rosmerta in the summer of 2011 and for as long as I can remember it has always been a two clan server, with the occasional dying clan that another clan takes over.
V1 of Celtic Heroes was probably the least competitive version of the game as it did not take long to reach the so called endgame. No one fought over bosses, and there was less drama. There were two pretty big clans one I was a part of.

V2 The Disc update definitely changed this. Of the two clans that existed the one I was in, was on the verge of failure, they just couldn't keep up and the clan chief went inactive for awhile. There was another clan powerhouse that was forming, one that challenged the old V1 clan that was still very dominant. The chief of the new clan was pretty convincing and seemed "friendly". He built a clan of strong players from what were basically noobs.

The old Clan was pretty picky on who they let in while the new clan was not. My clan basically died and players were forced to join one of these clans or go solo. This lead to an extreme lock battles, kill stealing, xp fights, name calling, personal attacks and hurt feelings.

At one point OTM admins were even viewing lock battles and asking who won or what happened. Most likely for business reasons

My history is a little shaky but after V3 with the OW update things got even more competitive. Orbs were the most seeked items and the lock battles continued. With pvp enabled in the arena people from other clans killed each other when they were killing gladiators.

I was kind of a clan hopper as members from all clans seemed like jerks. Manners and etiquette took a backseat to competition.
Spy's became a problem and clan chieftains became paranoid setting elaborate traps to catch spies. Event bosses made things worse.

This continued through version four until one day I guess the chiefs from the two clans decided it would be best to merge and a 1 clan server was formed.

Heres the thing about 1 clan servers. They are just as bad as multiple clan servers but in other ways. Sure the clan accomplished some great things but it also had an ugly side.

For one they pretty much killed anyone who wasn't clan in the arena. When asked to stop they said "Lvl up join the clan" apparently not knowing gladiators were the one good source of XP to lvl up

They dominated pretty much every boss even those meant for lower lvls.

They geared there ALTS rather then other players even inside there clan. The way drops were shared ive been told was very much corrupt

Any clan that tried to form to get drops that would otherwise stay in the hands of an elite group of players whiten the clan, was crushed or smothered

The rudeness did not stop nor the drama

So in conclusion people are jerks no matter the the server status

I left out names of clans and people on purpose I now play on Balor
RIP Rosmerta I hear its pretty empty now but thats most likely the new engine fault
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Re: Views on 1 Clan Servers [DEBATE]

Before Elementals of Belenus two clans named Skyline and TheCrew used to compete, I dont know which was stronger (I was low lvl), but seemed decent, I believe many of the ppl of both clans created the clan Im part of today.
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Re: Views on 1 Clan Servers [DEBATE]

friddoo wrote:Lock battles in V2 And V3? Sounds like bs lol

In those days the group that did the most damage got the drops you had no idea who was going to get it until the boss died

It was a different type of lock battle, but it was a lock battle all the same. I remember the huge group of people camping Falgren in v2 trying to get dragon discs.

On Arawn in v3, when the competing clan leveled/geared up we grouped each other at Aggy, and then rolled on the drops. But there were a few times where one clan would walk away with all the drops. So then we tried doing one clan gets 2 drops, and the other clan gets 2. But that didn't really work. So we decided to alternate Aggys. One clan would get a chance to kill aggy. If they didn't do it in 24 hours, the other clan would take it. Doing this helped our clan do DKP for Aggy. That worked okay for a few months, but there was always some jealousy because we knew we could kill aggy all the time if only the other clan wasn't there. Then, one time the other clan didn't kill Aggy within 24 hours, so we did. That brought up the question of who gets the next Aggy. Do we get it because we are scheduled to? Or does the other clan get it because we just killed one? That caused a huge problem. It took a few months, but the problem was resolved by v4 coming which escalated the clan war to Carrowmore. The battle came to a head, and ended in everyone almost quitting the game. Instead, everyone decided to put everything aside, and merge clans.
The full history of Arawn can be read here: http://www.celticheroes.info/2015/02/history-of-arawn.html

@The other ranger; That really sucks. I played there for a while and saw the favoritism first hand. That's why I went inactive there. I always planned on coming back, but from what you are describing it isn't worth it. Which sucks because I dropped $100 on that world :lol:

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Re: Views on 1 Clan Servers [DEBATE]

legendzz didnt gwydion have like 3 top clans at one point, in my time of playing ive seen : MaratheDamane, Solitaire, Unlimited, Relentless, SquadUP. What I see now i that soli just took in all the 150 + members, so now there on top. im in TheCoven, the second best clan in Gwydion, and we cant take aggy xD. The merge of these clans would explain the req going from 130 to 150 to 170
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