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your thoughts on the event boss dragons

is it just me or do they seem a fair bit overpowered?
I mean the all seeing is a level 100 6* mob, and it is almost impossible to compare in difficulty to the event 100 6* dragon, it would be alright if the Loot was good but really nothing special..
is the next event gonna be the similar to this one in terms of boss difficulty and loot usefulness?
Also wondering why the adds dont give any exp, Imo the adds take too long to kill anyway LOL.

I would find it impressive to see a group of level 100s take on the event level 100 6* dragon and not get wiped out by the 1.3k area damage that happens every so often, i could actually nearly compare it to the difficulty of stonelord.

I would like to know what everyone else think's.

Re: your thoughts on the event boss dragons

Usually the events drop really good gear and they should be difficult to kill. I'm not a fan of the lvl 200 taking 45 min to kill (if it's a 6*). This event had some pretty poor gear. I'm not a fan of the braces that dropped even at the godly lvl. And after having a ton of rings dropped, it's disappointing to not have many charms drop.

If you have a tank and druid around lvl 100, the lvl 100 event us just fine.

The next event will be better.
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