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Re: Say one thing you like & hate about Celtic Heroes

Loves: I like the friends that I have made over the years c: been playing since 2012 and it's awesome to have friendships from then to now. I adooore my growing fashion collection. I also admire the great work the design team has done. As an art student, seeing concept art and things posted keeps me inspired :'D

Dislike: tension between clans on sulis. I dislike how if you change the banner above your head.. some friends act as if your a stranger. Hmm I also do not like the fact all new fashion comes from chests. I thought sunlit was great having rarer colors from chest... BUT a vendor for the rest of the rainbow. c:
Insperatus: 222 ranger, Mischief: 215 rogue ,Loredancer: 162 mage, VexedVixen: 202 druid -Sulis-
Insper: 188 ranger, Insperatus, 142: rouge, Honey Bee: 105 druid -Nuada-

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