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Re: Say one thing you like & hate about Celtic Heroes

Celts wrote:
Flo from Progressive wrote:
six hours for 195...? I get a bar a lix still, I do not think so...takes me 2.5 hours. Still, I agree, takes way too long.

Two words on tht leveling comment.
1. Wow
2. Rogue

Yeah, I might have exaggerated a tiny bit, I usually level dual logging my mage and ranger, and end up getting about half a a bar per lix, meaning 5 hours. If people solo, its going to be faster, especially if they are rogues ;) .
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Re: Say one thing you like & hate about Celtic Heroes

Raising the level cap on a mobile game that requires around 100-150 hours of grinding to get back on top again caused mass quitting, right up there with the terrible performance the new engine had on release.

They would be wise to take what they have said and keep a hard cap of 240 now and never raise it and never have mobs over 220.

This game has so many problems with no end game challenges other than griefing or making alts and a single viable build or two for several classes, broken skills and such that OTM would financially be much better off creating this parallel content and variation in gameplay.
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Re: Say one thing you like & hate about Celtic Heroes

Rogue wrote:
Markwarsilver wrote:I dislike how you farm posts.

Don't hate the player, hate the game ;)

& i'm not farming posts? Why would i want farm posts how does that benefit me? Lol...

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Re: Say one thing you like & hate about Celtic Heroes

Ok so ... I like everything
And I hate .... Everything
The game has its ups and downs but I always end up having a good or terrible day .
Example :
1. you won a dice bet of 50k!
Sike the guy logged out .
2. You have reached level 180!
Let me spawn 3 trolls on top of you to (test your strength) t(*-*t) all the timmmmeeeeeeeee .
3. You have killed killian!
but the medal has fallen into the hands on your random party member who could give 0 fks about it .
The list can go on and on , but il just end it there n.n .

Re: Say one thing you like & hate about Celtic Heroes

I like the clan aspect where you have to band together with several players to be successful in the endgame.

I hate that there is no game progression and high levels are stuck and forced to kill bosses way below their level for years and years because of the abysmally low drops of top tier items.

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