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Re: Ummm...

Look up by the logo, it says 1.2g there. Can't explain the other numbers tho haha.
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Re: Ummm...

When apps not downloaded, they are stored on the app-store in compressed form (like a .zip file).
This means they take up less space and are easily stored and downloaded, however when you download it it needs to be ready-to-use, so your device "unpacks" the file, making it take up more storage space.
There is no real way for the App Store to provide an accurate true size of the file, so it just gives the compressed size.

This is a problem on apple's side, not OTM.
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Re: Ummm...

As liv said ^^ it requires more space to download then it actually takes up, all apps off the iOS store do this, it's usually you need about double the actual size to download.
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