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Re: Novelty offhands

I use my mount for combat when not grinding mainly because I don't want to pop energy lixes and waste the rest of it killing snakes. The damage from my mount is ridiculous. At best, the skill hits like 1k damage, which is not much help. I do want to have max novelty but just not my priority.
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Re: Novelty offhands

Training novelty is very slow because the fastest you can get get is 2500 speed. 99.9% of them are 3000 which in all practicality makes it the slowest to train, even worse than spear.

Mounts aren't bad for lower level mages and Druids as weapons don't do as much as the regen helps. You don't neednovelty skill for the regen though.
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Re: Novelty offhands

Maxpedition wrote: It seems like novelty offhand items would open up a lot of gameplay possibilities.

Would be awesome if I could use my weapons aswell as having my wings equipped :o
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