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**ALERT** iOS Servers are Online

Hi Heroes,

Firstly, thanks to everyone who let us know of strange bugs that crept in with OSTARA, Queen Medb really seems to have tried to cause havoc!

The team have actively been squishing them as quickly as possible, but unfortunately the servers will need to be restarted.


UPDATE 1 (14:15 GMT) : Due to some further unexpected mischief, we are working on a vital fix, as such there is currently no ETA (estimated time of arrival) on the servers being brought back up just yet (we're working on this as quickly as possible)

UPDATE 2 (16:03 GMT): Still no ETA on the fix. All servers on iOS including Arawn are currently unavailable.

UPDATE 3 (17:01 GMT): Currently testing a fix. All servers on iOS remain currently unavailable.

UPDATE 4 (17:20 GMT): Continuing testing of the fix. All servers on iOS remain currently unavailable, still no ETA, but progress is being made.

UPDATE 5 (17:45 GMT): Fix successful! Servers should be back up within the next 10 minutes

UPDATE 6 (18:00 GMT): Fix is successful, servers are ready to go back up, Support are just checking some accounts. (Sorry for the added time)

UPDATE 7 (18:20 GMT): Data checking still underway

UPDATE 8 (18:33 GMT): All ios servers are back online
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