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Re: EDL sword, wand and totem (Morrigan)

Galatic wrote:
friddoo wrote:Personally im quite happy with the rogue EDL Wep and offhand i got to try them on beta and instantly loved them might actually get some in a year or two as my clan is so unlucky with purple crowns :lol: :lol:

We took a hit on losing players for this update more then past updates

I don't understand the corrolation between your post and mine :?:
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Re: EDL sword, wand and totem (Morrigan)

Vulture wrote:
benbrook wrote:Still crazy to me that one of the best warrior damage skills there is (Rupture), can't even be used with the end game weapon.

I guess one could argue that the quest gear is meant for bossing and with only one person able to use rupture would it make sense for every player to have immensely powerful rupture? Following that logic though there are things that contradict it such as rondels or the expose weakness/smoke bomb buffs on rogue dl. The quest armour/weapons as a whole just doesn't make sense

Actually even without the damager per tick effect it still hits the highest out of any warrior dps skill.
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