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Re: Avalon throughout the years

Arjunlite wrote:Are the people in every picture the most active of every class in their respective time-frame?

The people in the pictures are those that deserved their armour first/put in a huge contribution to camping, slaying bosses etc. It isn't just due to activity, it's solely based on their effort and contribution to the overall clan.

I must admit Aileron, you have been the best leader for an incredulous amount of time! It has honestly kept me playing the game, without your perseverance, patience and leadership im sure Morrigan, and Avalon wouldn't be where it is today - in which I know your too modest to admit. Alongside you and Ceinwen, your great leadership skills and your well chosen Guardians - Avalon has thrived, and will continue to do so; I have never been so proud to be in such a clan and always will be.

Keep up the good work Avalon!

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Re: Avalon throughout the years

kianmage wrote:How it is possible to have at warden time met wep.....

Meteoric upgrade to warden weapon was a very difficult quest, and it was put in a couple of months ahead of the meteoric upgrade to armor. Before the quest items were made easier to get and put in bosses tables, after killing the 5 wisps, we needed to get 5 diamonds that drop ONLY from rare yellow mobs and do not respawn for days. They are from the fairy (Crystalseer), unicorn (Crystalhorn), boar (Goldtusk), druid (Demonologist) and skeleton (Soulwalker). The quest has undergone at least 3 changes since.

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