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Re: Avalon throughout the years

nice long lasting clan :) the ride must have been fun
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Re: Avalon throughout the years

People come and go but two players can be seen through the years. Aileron and Ceinwen stuck it out through the hardest of times and as long as those 2 remain, Avalon will continue to thrive.
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Re: Avalon throughout the years

Even though my run with Ava was cut short due to rl, they were the smartest , most strategic and fun clan to be in with many great people, cheers for the memories of those photos ail
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Re: Avalon throughout the years

Awen wrote:.
It's only possible because of you Ail.
You have been an incredible leader during my 3+ years in Avalon.
Your raid strategies and patience never cease to amaze me.
If it weren't for you, there is no way I would still be playing this game.
Thanks for being a great leader and friend.

I couldn't have said it better myself
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