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Re: Amount of gold held

flamingduckee wrote:
Desmond Glace wrote:Shazta how do u make that much in accounts no it doesn't pay 6 figures Immediatley u gotta be Oldy lol

Can you talk English ? Why are you making fun of him when he earns actual money compared to your 69 mill in game? You don't gave to be old to make good money. It's accounting not accounts. You can get 80 thousand first year as an engineer and 200k as a doctor. How old are you? Stop being ignorant and naive

Ik u like to troll lol. I got auto corrected on what I was saying and I'm not making fun of him.... I called him Oldy because usually accounts just of college have difficulty make 6 figures bud. If I wanted to make fun of him I would have used a different set of words...

Re: Amount of gold held

Desmond Glace wrote:
Lordy141098 wrote:Reached 565k :D

Nice :) :D


Now it's 603k :D

I'll be spending most of it soon.. :(

Edit: Spent, got a small, extra bit of money, now I have 105k.
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I'm taking a break from CH until the next questline is released. Possibly this next beta.

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