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iOS Destiny & Yule Update


The servers have been brought offline while we begin the iOS Destiny Engine upgrade. We will have extended downtime this morning, approximately 5 hours. If our timetable changes we will update you here in this thread.

Toward the end of the maintenance we will be taking the Android servers offline for about an hour while we perform server tests.

***UPDATE 6:22pm***
We are slowly bringing all worlds back online.

Re: Extended iOS Server Maintenance

Been waiting for this for a very long time! Glad its finally coming
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Re: Extended iOS Server Maintenance

Armo wrote:Will it be a normal update, or must we download a new app?

It will be a new app. We have pushed the latest version live on the Store that usually takes an hour or two to process. You'll be able to have the new app downloaded before we bring the servers back up.

Re: Extended iOS Server Maintenance

Armo wrote:Will iOS8 be required for this app to be downloaded?

If it is you wont be seeing me again but I understand that IOS8 was only required for beta, not the live app.
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Re: Extended iOS Server Maintenance

Approx how big will the app be?? Need to make space for it so an est will be good
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