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New Engine iOS

so i read this, that you need iOS 8 for the new engine, but i have a iPod 4 with IOS 6.1.6 and it would rly suck if i cant play ch anymore :/ can anyone give me further info about this, if i can run the app on my iPod 4?


Re: New Engine iOS

Smidge wrote:I beta test on iPad original it runs smooth just a few bugs otm still has to fix though to improve performance.

There's the answer. I believe iPod 4, iPad and iPhone 4 all have the same processors. However the iPod 4 and iPad only have 256mb ram while the iPhone 4 has 512. We are all safe, for now.

That is... until BAM! iOS 8 requirement
Pls no iOS 8 req later on :-(
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Re: New Engine iOS

Hi there everyone,

The iOS 8 thing is only for the open Beta (possibly other beta tests from here on out) as Testflight has been integrated in to an iOS 8 standalone app.

You will still be able to play the regular game on your current iOS version.

Hope this helps!
Thanks for the Report!

Re: New Engine iOS

PixelRage wrote:
Based_Shaft wrote:My friend is a beta with an iPod 4. He says it is playable.

You only need iOS 8 for the open beta testing.

Does it actually run because i am testing on iPod 4 and all the updates haven't been playable on mine yet?
Can't say. He said he plays after my friend and I were bugging him because he's beta yet he doesn't even play.
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