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Re: 1M event mount holders (confirmation)

Michael_XXX wrote:
pigman wrote:Support will only give a refund if the item is on the characyer that bought the item

Hmm thanks I was unaware of that.

So @ phant
I think you bought it with your rogue so you'll have to transfer it back to him.

Thanks all for the infos and helpful tips. Support already responded to my request of refund and I learned that Support only refunds Items/Luxes that is bought within 3days. So for players who will buy Luxes/items in advance my advise is refrain from doing it. I learned and paid it expensively. :lol:

The mount trader is new so some of us who made the purchased thought it would serve worthy but sadly it's not. The mounts from Beltane is much better to have than the new imo. So I say thanks again to all who take some time posting here and Happy Playing CH! :)
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Re: 1M event mount holders (confirmation)

I had planned on using my 1m skimmer for my druid -the freeze gives you a great chance to regen mana or cast a touch.
But since 1/2 my dps skills are DOT, I end up breaking the freeze with bees or vines unless I plan it out carefully. Shoulda just bought a ton o' restos.....

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Re: 1M event mount holders (confirmation)

Michael_XXX wrote:
thijsdeF wrote:Root is same as freeze lol they all standing where they are on that certain moment.

But freeze breaks if damaged, not overly useful for DoT based damage.

So can the mobs still attack? Is it a crappy root that can be broken with a single hit or does it actually interrupt skills and freeze them like the mage spell?

If it didn't miss so often it still can be useful for mages and druids as it lets you have a few sigil ticks. Not super useful to other classes as your dps is so much lower and when equipping the mount the skill starts its cd.
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Re: 1M event mount holders (confirmation)

Pathrider wrote:So its like freeze? if so thats stupid.. it should be like shield bash where they can still take dmg without it going off..

freeze? Ahaha 1M saved! thank you.

Ask for a refund sounds like trash, the description makes it sound like shield bash.

And that is my poem for the poem contest *bows*
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