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Farming Guid Announcment

Hey there iam working on a Farming Guide atm and iwanted know if anyone of you got any ideas more what ishould add or not add or who cares ...etc!
This project is already biiiiiiggg so dont add too much:)
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Re: Farming Guid Announcment

There is a boss in the sewers that drops 1-1.5k gold forgot his name though.
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Re: Farming Guid Announcment

yakat wrote:I prefer to farm mordris cave without lix. Good gold drops and wyrmclaws vendor for a lot. I also run down the troll path and kill whatever I see.

Not a bad method of farming but you sure will get a lot of angry pms about that since people lix there.
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Re: Farming Guid Announcment

I find druid pit the best, every 30 mins of farming there I check sv bosses. I get about 10k gold in 45 mins, including drops such as discs and mob etcs.
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